Project Description

Together with Brandy we bring light to Africa!

At the age of 10 Brandy came from Uganda to the Netherlands together with her foster mother Liesbeth Speelman. Now at 14 she has a dream. In her dream she offers other children in Uganda a future as well.

In the North-East part of Uganda lies the city Alarek, which has mainly dry and hot seasons. In this town Child on the Radar focuses on helping children from the Alarek Primary School.
The school has about 1100 pupils, and 11 classrooms. It is the only primary school nearby, so all children from that area are schooling here. The school gets support from the government, but it is not enough to improve the school.

Even though the life conditions are hard in Alarek, there are many children who really want to go to school, they want to learn, they want to be educated and they hope for a better future. The way to secondary school is even harder, being more expensive and furthr away. It is a step too far for some children. But finishing primary school and then sit at home, is also not an option, so they just repeat P7, some children even now for the 3rd time!
The children do have homework in the highest classes, especially in P7, the exam class. But learning at home is difficult because it is dark at 7PM and candles or paraffin stove are expensive and dangerous in the grass-thatched huts.

For this reason Brandy and Liesbeth setup the Foundation Child on the Radar. The goal of Child On The Radar is: to support vulnerable children to get education in order to have a brighter future.

Providing enough WakaWaka lights which are solar-based, for all P7 and P6 students is what Brandy hopes to reach. The lights are property of the school. The children are assigned one light and are allowed to take it home in the evening. In the morning they have to take it back to school for charging (and for knowing that no adult takes away the light of the child for selling it on the market)

With 100 WakaWaka lights Sosialforce is supporting Brandy and the children at the Alarek Primary School.

Thanks to our clients and partners we are able to help Brandy shine the light in Africa!