Project Description

Creating a new app for Zakelijk whilst learning from consumer

After the successful launch and roll-out of Particulier – where households can book a cleaning service online through a site and apps – the demand from the small business market was increasingly being asked to book a clean workspace easily, online and in an affordable way. .

To meet this demand our client came to us with the request to convert the developed apps for Particulier into a business variant.
Instead of simply picking up the apps, providing them with a different look and bringing them back to the app stores, we first looked at where the value for the business market can be achieved.

Target group validation
When analyzing the use of the site and apps from Particulier we found out that for the business market primarily the professional cleaner app is important.
This is because we learned that a cleaner:
– Wants to receive and process new booking requests directly on the phone
– Simple needs to view future bookings
– Wants to be able to make direct contact with the customer from the app

We have learned from customers that their less repetitive booking process can be sufficiently met by a (responsive) site. It has been decided that, depending on the need and the use, the customer variant can be introduced at a later stage.

In this way we were able to realize a saving, from which we went from 2 app target groups to 1 app target group.

Can we go for even less, whilst realizing more? Yes, we can.

Repetitive actions
In order to look at where there is still more profit to be gained, we have focused in the app on the functionalities that are used the most.
As a result, we have made a number of new functionalities, e.g. the viewing of invoices, only available on the site and made them accessible from a link in the app.

By using this method we have been able to focus our effort and the associated investment on that what is most valuable to the target group.

In close cooperation with TRIMM – the developer of the Particulier and Zakelijk site and backend (API) – we have been able to develop the Zakelijk apps for Android and iOS. By ensuring that TRIMM first designed and developed the functionality on site side, we were able to follow with the development of the apps at a rapid pace.

An additional advantage has been that we have been able to take learnings from the Particulier variant to, but have also made it immediately available for Particulier. Just say a double change for the same price.

So we are proud to announce that Zakelijk Рthe online cleaning solution for small businesses and home offices Рis live now. You can book a clean workplace directly online via Zakelijk!