We are officially a B Corp!

We are proud to announce that Sosialforce is an officially certified B Corporation.

Sosialforce B Corp Certified

Sosialforce started in 2015 with the belief to contribute to a better world with our knowledge, passion and talent in the field of IT.
Since then we have been able to support various charities, make an (IT) contribution to social impact projects and in the meantime we have also started our own social impact project.

In order to gain insight into our social impact, we started working on a B Corp certification in 2019. The B Corp certificate is issued to companies that can prove that they are using their business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

During the extensive B Corp certification we have been able to prove that we meet the highest verified standards for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Because of this, we can call ourselves a ‘Certified B Corp’ since last March. With this certification, we underline our commitment to a better society, cleaner earth and sustainable prosperity.
(View our B Corp assessment report here for insight into our results.)

Worldwide there are over 3,300 Certified B Corporations in more than 70 countries and 150 industries. To name a few like Tony’s Chocolonely, Dopper, Ben & Jerry’s, WeTransfer, Mud Jeans international BV, innocent drinks, Moyee Coffee, Auping, WakaWaka, Fairphone and Triodos Bank – all sustainable companies that demonstrate that profit and a positive contribution to the society go well together.

What does this mean for us?

With the B Corp certification, we underline our commitment to a better society, cleaner earth and sustainable prosperity. From the impact areas we strive for continuous improvement in the areas of:

  • The governance of Sosialforce.
    As part of the B Corp certification, during the established of the Sosialforce B.V. we have taken into account the embedding of the social mission in our statutes.
  • Our team.
    From day 1, our entire team is involved in our social mission and the way in which we use IT to jointly realize a better world.
    Together we determine the plan ahead, whereby all team members have insight and a voice. Transparency is the keyword here.
  • The community.
    “Genchi Genbutsu” e.g. Go and See for yourself.
    We reach out to people in the society to determine how we can make the greatest social contribution with our talent. To this end, we conduct close interviews with subject matter experts and professionals in the social domain to see how we can best help people (digitally) who live close to the poverty line.
  • The environment.
    Where applicable within our field, we take the environment into account as much as possible. Think of where your office is, where energy is taken, how you deal with the separation of waste.
  • Our clients.
    We have put a clearer focus on our clients and projects, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a measure point.
    Our delivered products and services – mobile and web applications – thus make an (in) direct contribution to one or more of the set development goals, whereby we make an impact in the area of People, Planet and Prosperity.
SDG People Planet Prosperity

Want to know more about B Corps?

If you want to know more about B Corps and / or the assessment process, you can do so at B Corporation EU.

We are also happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. You can contact our Sosialforce B-Keeper Saša Radovanović (tel. +31532034025).

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